family work in mental health: a skills approach

ISBN: 9781905539659

December 2019 • M&K Publishing • 156pp


Dr Nicola Evans, Reader, School of Healthcare Sciences, College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, Cardiff University

eBook version eISBN: 9781907830655

Mental health practitioners often think about the person seeking help as the first priority; and the context in which they live may become a secondary consideration. However, there is now good evidence that working with families can be very helpful, both for family members and for the person experiencing mental health issues. For instance, offering family intervention for people with psychosis can in some cases reduce the relapse rate. Working with the whole family can also help reduce the burden placed on carers – for example, in families of people with dementia.

Written by a team of experts in the field, this book gives useful, practical guidance on a range of ways in which mental health practitioners can work with children, adults and families who access mental health services. Where possible, hypothetical examples are used to show how a particular theory or model can be applied in practice. The authors have also drawn on interventions and approaches where there is an established evidence base, showing how collaborative approaches can be adapted to meet the particular needs of individual families.

Contents include:

  • An introduction to family work in mental health
  • The application of family-centred care in the field of mental health nursing
  • Understanding and assessing the needs of families and carers
  • Working with families affected by psychosis
  • Parents with mental health issues – thinking about the whole family
  • Understanding moment-by-moment interactions in families: assessment and treatment utilising a domains framework
  • Perinatal mental health and working with families
  • Family support and involvement in secure mental health services
  • Substance misuse, alcohol and working with families
  • Working with military veterans
  • Working with families affected by dementia

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